The European Enduro Championship enriches itself thanks to the MiniEnduro European Trophy: a trophy all about the very young of the discipline. Maxim and FIM Europe have decided to dedicate a whole competition’s weekend to small enduro riders thanks to a formula stitched to their needs and exigencies. A new formula aimed at the growth of the youngest within the European Enduro scenery; thanks to the establishment of the European Trophy MiniEnduro, the European Championship fulfils both its missions: to set itself as a springboard for future champions and to be relationship’s promoter between the different European cultures.

For its first edition, the MiniEnduro European Trophy will take place on a single event and will take place on June 24th- 25th in Grigno, (Italy). Two days of intense and exciting competition are waiting for you. To take part, all you have to do is hold a regular FIM Europe or  FIM Europe Promotional licence. The MiniEnduro European Trophy is reserved for all riders aged 12 to 16 years old. At the end of the weekend we will see the winners of the first MiniEnduro Trophy being crowned. 

The event will have a similar conduct to traditional enduro races; therefore consisting of transfer and Special Tests. Both days will take place within a track closed to traffic lasting about 15 km, in addition within the liaison some Marshalls will ensure the smooth running of the competition. Special tests, as in traditional enduro races, will be timed and their timing will establish the final ranking. Like the transfer, all the special tests are  designed according to the technical needs of the bikes and in full respect of the technical skills of the riders. Young racers will compete within a Cross Test, located inside a quarry, and a second test located inside a riverbed; a third special test, lasting about a minute, will probably be added. More information and details will be released following the drafting of the Supplementary Regulation (SR). There will be four laps for all classes except the Beginners one, which will have one lap less; moreover, only Beginners’ riders will be able to have liaison variations if needed. At the end of each day the best three riders in each class and the overall winner will be rewarded with the special prizes. On Sunday night the final prize giving will be held, in order to celebrate European MiniEnduro Trophy first edition.

The  European Trophy riders will be divided into the following classes:

European Trophy classes:

  • JUNIOR (12-14 years) 85 cc – Wheels: ANT max 19” / POST max 16”
  • 50 Mini (13-15 years) 50 cc 2t – Wheels: ANT 21” / POST min 18”
  • 125 MINI (14-16 years) 125 cc 2t and 4t – Wheels: ANT 21” / POST min 18”
  • WOMEN (12-16 years)

Those who decide to be under the starting arch will be faced an international competition perfectly sewn on their technical level. For the first time, young enduro riders will also have the chance to face racers from other nations. A new beginning that we are looking forward to. To be updated on the MiniEnduro European Trophy and the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship consult the official website ( ) and on our social pages, Facebook and Instagram.


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