The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship flies to Portugal, and more precisely to Santa Marta de Penaguiao, for the second round of this 2023 season. Under Eleveit’s flag the championship’s  third and fourth days will kick off; in fact the second Round’s main sponsor will be the prestigious Italian brand Eleveit. An intense race weekend awaits the riders registered for the event, who will try to defend the points won within the first Round or to turn the tide of their season. Three special tests have been settled in this beautiful Portuguese town: the Airoh Cross Test, the Eleveit Enduro Test and the 24MX Extreme Test.

Herman Ask


Within the 45 km transfer the riders will find three special test techniques; the Eleveit Enduro Test is taking place within a course of about 4 km in length within the classic Portuguese forest. The Airoh Cross Test also has a length of about 4 km and develops partly in an undergrowth and with its corners will test the speed of the racers in the race. The 24MX Extreme Test, with its natural track, will take riders to climb along the slope of a mountain; it will be an intense kilometre and a half of test.

Joana Goncalves


The first two days of the Motocross Marketing Round 1# established the provisional championship standings: the overall class sees Pietro Scardina in the lead with 35 points, the young Italian and his Fantic 125 2t were the fastest in Fabriano, binding Lorenzo Macoritto in second position, always at 35, and the class competitor Luca Colorio in third with 28 pts. Pietro will not be able to defend the position won in Italy from a bad foot injury that will keep him away from races for a while. In the Youth class Pietro Scardina leads the ranks with the full score, followed by Luca Colorio at 32 and the Sherco of the French Romain Dagna also with 32 points. In Junior 1 it is Riccardo Fabris who owns the first position with 40 points, collected with two first places, Herman Ask is now second at 32 while with 4 less lengths Dawid Babicz closes the championship podium. Reigning champion Lorenzo Bernini is again at the top of the Junior 2; the 37 points collected so far allow him to lead the standings and to tie Matej Skuta and Lucas Bergstroem in second place, at 31 and 30 respectively.


In the E1 Class Andreas Beier occupies the first position thanks to the 40 points of the Italian round, Aleksander Bracik is second only 8 lengths behind while Alessandro Di Gregorio is third at 28. Killian Irigoyen is now in P1 within the E2 class, with his 37 points, he relegated to second place Lorenzo Bazzurri (33 pt) and in third Alex Walton to 30. Unfortunately Lorenzo will not be able to defend his position, in fact the Italian will not be present in this second continental appointment. Lorenzo Macoritto, after winning the two days of the E3 class, is in the lead with 40 points. 2022 former champion David Abgrall is second while Roberto Da Canal is now third. The absence of Lorenzo Macoritto will certainly change the balance of the championship standings.

Thomas Zoldos


In the Senior class Maurizio Micheluz is on the first step of the podium at 40, second place for Nico Rambow with his 34 points and third place for the 30 points of Riccardo Chiappa. The Women Class sees Germany’s Tanja Schlosser lead the games with 37 points, 2022 former champion Marie Vilde Holt instead occupies the second position (33 pt) and Joana Goncalves closes the provisional podium at just one point late. The reigning champion Diligenti Racing is in charge of the Trade Team ranking with 40 points, followed by Sweden Enduro (34 pt) and KTM Novi Korona (30 pt).


In Motocross Marketing Round 1# it was Pietro Scardina who perfectly read the Eleveit Enduro Test, so he is the one who leads the ranking of the 2023 Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy. As for the Airoh Cross Test Trophy, it is the 2021 former world champion Lorenzo Macoritto who registered the test’s best time and the first position in the trophy ranking. Who will be able to better read the Portuguese Eleveit Enduro Test and Airoh Cross Test?


The Eleveit Round 2# is just waiting for you! Don’t miss all the updates on it, you can find all the information on our website and on the social pages of the championship. See you in the paddock!



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