Luxvision keeps sponsoring the Borilli Enduro European Enduro Championship also for 2023 season. Maxim and Luxvision confirmed the agreement which had bound them in 2022; therefore the brand will still promote the Borilli Enduro European Championship. 

For years Luxvision has been selling, both in physical shop and online, various glasses and sunglasses’ brands, and among them Carrera decided to be part of the 2023 Borilli European Championship. Since 1956, Carrera has always tried to put into its products adrenaline, passion and the desire to exceed the limits. Characteristics that were part of the cars competition which inspired Carrera’s founder to create these iconic glasses. This brand is synonymous with quality and style; its products have unique characteristics and this is the reason why millions of consumers choose it for the purchase for free time or their passion.


This year, thanks to the collaboration between Luxvision and Maxim, Carrera is going to be present in the event for the promotion of the same. The presence of Luxvision and Carrera underlines the high importance of the event. Luxvison is sponsoring also the 2023 Airoh Minienduro European Trophy, a good chance for the young riders to know this important reality. 


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