Twin Air, a leading manufacturer of air-filters, supports Maxim in promoting the Borilli Enduro European Championship also for the 2023 and 2024 season. Last year’s collaboration pushed Twin Air to support the EEC for the next two years. 

One goal binds Maxim and Twin Air: giving visibility to an event of international importance. The Dutch company is ready to take charge of the promotion of the competition by associating its image with the one of the continental enduro championship. We will also find Twin Air by the side of the young riders that will take part in the 2023 Airoh Minienduro European Trophy. 

A new challenge is waiting for the riders and it will be branded Twin Air: the Twin Air Best Shot. What are we talking about? At the end of each round the best photo will be published on our social media pages and at the end of the year the pictures with more like will be named Twin Air Best Shot. 

For the one that does not know who Twin Air is let me introduce it to you: Twin Air has been making the best air-filters on the market since 1972; this particular product has the task of preventing the entry of external agents into the vehicle engine, safeguarding its operation. As the years passed Twin Air has expanded the product range introducing accessories to guarantee greater protection of the most delicate parts of motorcycles. The products’ high quality offered has made Twin Air the undisputed leader in their production. Numerous industries rely on the professionalism of the company for the care and protection of its vehicles and we rely on Twin Air for the promotion of the championship. You will have the chance to get to know Twin Air products at some of our rounds; in fact the brand will have its own stand full of Twin Air products. 


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