The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship curtain rises! In Estonia, more specifically in the city of Paikuse, Airoh Round 3# is kicking off, and it will be the third round out of the fourth scheduled for this continental season. Two exciting days of competition under the flag of the prestigious Italian brand Airoh are waiting for us. As in previous events there will be three special tests: the Airoh Cross Test, the Eleveit Enduro Test and the 24MX Extreme Test. The Airoh Cross Test takes place within a beautiful field and will open the dances of the day thanks to its 5 km. The Eleveit Enduro Test is structured mainly within a forest with the usual sandy and root-rich ground; 8.5 km is the length of this test, so riders will need to manage your energies for the entire test. The 24MX Extreme Test completes the third of the tests present within the 64 km transfer drafted by the organization. It is a test with sandy soil and about 6 km in length. The transfer is going to be divided into two time-checks, the first outside the paddock while the second will be located inside.

Ahead of Airoh Round 3# Matej Skuta is the 24MX Leader; the young rider from the Czech Republic in the last Round shone and now leads the overall standing and owns the 24MX Leader Plate. David Abgrall continues to confirm his talent through the season and he is in second overall position and ties his compatriot, Romain Dagna, in third place. Romain not only jumps on the podium of the overall class but also at the Youth Class’ podium. Thanks to the double victory in Portugal and to the two Italian podiums he collected enough points to lead the games with 72 pt. Luca Colorio pays 6 points of delay, therefore the provisional silver medal has his name written on it. Davide Mei occupies the third place thanks to the 56 points that the italian has collected so far. Riccardo Fabris, thanks to his four successes out of four, is the leader of Junior 1 (80pt), while with 62 lengths Dawid Babicz ranks second on equal points with Norwegian Herman Ask. Matej Skuta also excels in the class he belongs to, in fact thanks to his 71 points he is the best Junior 2’s rider. Quentin Clerc Tournier and Lorenzo Bernini have 53 points respectively, therefore both occupy the second position in class. Full score also for E1 leader Andreas Beier; the German with four consecutive class victories leads the games while at 66 the Polish Aleksander Bracik occupies the second position. Bronze is the prerogative of the Italian Alessandro Di Gregorio. UK rider Alex Walton managed to get the first place in Enduro 2 thanks to the double recorded in Portugal and with his 70 points relegates Frenchman Killian Irigoyen in second place (67pt). Yann Dupic after four days is third position (62 pt). David Abgrall jumps to the top of the E3 standings, thanks to his 74 points he imposes himself on reigning champion Damiaens Dietger, now at 62 pt. Third position for the italian Roberto Da Canal who, so far, has scored 56 points. 

Maurizio Micheluz, due to 4 first positions out of 4, occupies the first place of the Senior class (80 pt). 68 are the points of the runner-up rider Nico Rambow while the class bronze is the prerogative of Waldemar Krolikowski, while Artus Robeznieks  is the leader of the Senior 55. In the ranking reserved for women, 2022 former champion Vilde Marie Holt leads the games at 73, while German Tanja Schlosser is second at 69. Joana Goncalves is now third thanks to the 64 points collected so far. Unfortunately due to an injury Joana will not be able to race at this third round and therefore the women’s ranking will undergo changes. For what concerns Trade Teams class, it is the reigning champion team Diligenti Racing to lead the ranking with full score (80pt) while in second position we find the Sweden Enduro Team (66 pt) and the KTM Novi Korona Team closes the podium at 62 points.

2022 European Champion Erik Willems makes his comeback in the 2023 season; finally recovered from the injury sustained during  last season, Erik is now ready to take part in the championship. Pietro Scardina also returns, the young Italian after winning the two Italian days in the Youth and winning the 24MX Leader table, reported an injury and had to skip the second Round, however he is now ready to race.

The two trophies are also back on stage: the Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy are set to challenge their riders, who will again have to try to record the best times to be able to win the prestigious prizes: an Airoh helmet and a pair of Eleveit boots. These are the premises of the Airoh Round 3# of the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship. To find out what’s going on in Estonia, follow us both on our social pages and on the official website of the event. See you in the Paddock.



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