Grigno gave us another beautiful sunny day at the Airoh Minienduro European Trophy, which saw its second day finishing successfully. Five laps were prepared by the Motoclub Civezzano, as two were the special tests faced by the more than 80 starting riders. Once again the Airoh Cross Test kicked the day off, and if its track remained the same, its soil dug considerably, becoming even more complex. The Eleveit Enduro Test was not outdone; stones, roots and ruts were the protagonists of this test and had the honour of crowning the winners of the second day of the race.


The battle for the overall saw France and Spain contending for final success; Léo Lavesvre and Pol Guerrero exchanged positions several times. If in the first instance it was the Spaniard who collected the best times, the Frenchman was then able to answer. As it came to the end of the day, Léo was able to detach the rival and crossed the finish line with 8 seconds of advantage. The day 1 overall winner, Tommaso Roccato, tried to keep up with his colleagues, however he remained slightly delayed, finishing third in the overall. As in Day 1, also today the overall ranking reflected that of the 125 class, consequently Léo Lavesvre, Pol Guerrero and Tommaso Roccato were the first, second and third best riders. Slightly more backward today the runner-up of yesterday’s Pierpaolo Mosca.


In the 50 Mini class, the placements of the previous day were confirmed: Cristian Garzotto triumphed again over his rivals, Massimo De Monte finished second while Mirko Zordan closed the podium of the day. Second success in a row for Gioele Scibilia, the Italian rider confirmed his talent and speed by gaining the first step of the podium one more time. Wiggo Lifvendahl improved his results; the Swedish driver managed to make his own the second position within the Junior class by binding Davide Cabass in third place. Davide put on a better performance by managing to get on the podium of the day. Charlène Boudon juggled perfectly with the ruts of special tests, obtaining the victory of the Women class; after Day 1’s third place the French rider managed to be faster than Athena Magliolo and Maja Kozlowska. If the Italian repeated the result of the first day, the Polish rider conquered a beautiful podium.



With the end of the second and last day of the Airoh Minienduro European Trophy, the time to crown the winners has also come. The Overall victory was the prerogative of the Frenchman Léo Lavesvre, who managed to impose himself on the other riders; the two Italians Tommaso Roccato and Pierpaolo Mosca finished second and third overall. In the 125 class, thanks to a third position and a victory, Léo Lavesvre won the Airoh Minienduro European Trophy 125 class; second position for Tommaso Roccato while Pierpaolo Mosca closed the podium. In the 50 Mini the rider who collected the most points was Cristian Garzotto; the young italian got the class victory. Massimo De Monte with two second places won the silver medal while the bronze was won by Mirco Zordan. Victory on full score for Gioele, who won in the Junior class. Day 2 second place allowed the Swedish, Wiggo Lifvendahl, to get silver while Nicolò Baccinelli closed the trophy podium. In the  Women class it was the Frenchman Charlène Boudon who excelled while Athena Magliolo is the former champion 2023. The women’s bronze was instead obtained by the winner of day 1 Roberta Gallina.



The curtain dropped on the 2023 Airoh Minienduro European Trophy; a first edition that left everyone satisfied and happy. The beauty of the special tests, combined with that of the transfer, gave two beautiful days of races in which the little champions of tomorrow showed that they have what it takes. For this 2023 the trophy was held on a single stage but 2024 could bring with it some news, what is certain is that this Trophy will stay in our heart. Stay with us because the European Enduro’s show doesn’t end there, on July 15th and 16th it will be time for the “Bigs” to come back in the game: 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship is waiting for them!



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