A bubbly 24MX Round 4# Day 1 at the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship has just ended! Five are the titles awarded on this first day of competition. Under a beautiful sun the riders took part in a race developed over two laps, within which they faced three different special tests, with a sandy bottom. Everything took place for the best under the watchful eye of KTM Novi Korona, motoclub who organised the event.

The Airoh Cross Test started the day, with its 6km length and its sandy bottom set up the quality standard of the tests. The riders then continued their race within the Eleveit Enduro Test; a test consisting of 8 km of corners within a vast field. It was the 24MX Test that closed the day, thanks to its 6 km in length and its hard pack decreed the winners of the day and also of the Championship.

Endgame for the Overall Ranking; thanks to today’s fourth place, David Abgrall put the seal on the championship victory becoming European Champion 2023. The constancy has largely repaid the French racer, who without ever having signed a scratch managed to snatch the title. Today’s overall winner was Czech Republic rider Krystof Kouble, who thanks to an almost perfect day, signed the best time ahead of Alex Walton and 2022 European Champion, Erik Willems. In the hard-fought Youth class it was Pietro Scardina who signed the best time, after a long battle with the two title contenders Luca Colorio and Romain Dagna, respectively second and third finishers. The Junior European Champion 1, Riccardo Fabris, continued to demonstrate his skill by winning the seventh day of the race in front of Dawid Babicz and Tomas Vanovacan. The two tried to keep up with the Italian however the speed fielded by the Riccardo was higher. In the Junior 2 Lucas Bergstroem confirmed the feeling with the sandy terrain by winning a day for the first time; the Swedish prevailed over Frenchman Diego Haution and Czech Republic driver Matyas Chlum. Andreas Beier, with today’s win, also signed the continental success in the Enduro 1 Class. The German rider managed to win the title a day ahead by triumphing over Polish racer Aleksander Bracik and Italian Alessandro Di Gregorio. Krystof Kouble after the overall victory, also took the first position in E2, ahead of New European Champion Alex Walton; the Welsh rider succeeded in the feat of winning the continental title. Third place for Belgian Erik Willems.

The Overall Champion David Abgrall graduated Borilli European Champion also in the E3 class; the Frenchman, after a difficult start, managed to turn the tide of the final ranking by taking home the success right in front of the 2022 European Champion, Dietger Damiaens. Hungarian rider Noel Liszka closed the podium. In the women’s class it was the German Tanja Schlosser who excelled in winning the class and reducing the Gap with Championship Leader Vilde Marie Holt, who today closed in third position. Silver of the day for the italian Francesca Nocera. Thirteenth title for Maurizio Micheluz, this time in the Senior class; the  Italian racer closed the games one day early, adding another title to his achievements. Second position for season rival Nico Rambow, while Polish Jacek Roman closed the podium. In the class reserved for Trade Teams it was the championship leader, Diligenti Racing to win the day, followed by the hosts KTM Novi Korona and, in third, by the Norway Team.

Krystof Kouble stocked up on successes and after the overall and class victory he also took home the day win of the two trophies; Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Eleveit Enduro Test.

As for the European Championship of Nations in the National Trophy it was the Czech Republic of Matej Skuta, Matyas Chlum, Jarolasv Kalny and Krystof Kouble to triumph, imposing itself on the France of Gabin Allemad, Killian Irigoyen, Yann Dupic and David Abgrall, and on the Italy of Davide Mei, Riccardo Pasquato, Maurizio Micheluz and Roberto Da Canal. In the Junior/Youth Trophy won the Italy of Luca Colorio, Pietro Scardina, Riccardo Fabris and Lorenzo Bernini, followed by France (Romain Dagna, Valentin Mersin, Quentin Clerc Tournier and Diego Haution) and Poland (Babicz Dawid, Kacper Baklarz and Krolikowski Karol).

In the Senior Trophy Poland triumphed thanks to the performances of Zych Tomasz, Krolikowski Waldemar and Roman Jacek. Second position for Germany, consisting of Nico Rambow and André Decker. In the Women Trophy the reigning champions are reconfirmed: Francesca Nocera, Aurora Pittaluga, Sara Traini and Sabrina Lazzarino won the day. In the clubs it was the Czech Republic of Vasek Tomas, Filip Klabacka and Borak Marek to win.

Tomorrow the final act of this season will take place and it will be time, also for the remaining classes, to find out the name of their champion. Stay with us so you don’t miss anything of this European season. See you in the paddock.


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Martina Riboni – Press Officer Enduro European

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