The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship has officially ended! A long season that, after crossing all over Europe crowned its champions for the current year. Under the same warm Saturday sun, the 24MX day 2 came to an end, thanks to the masterful supervision of the Motoclub organiser KTM Novi Korona. Also the European of Nations discovered its new champion for the 2023 season. The FIM Europe President, Michal Sikora attended the Championship Season Finale from its beginning, by seeing and supporting all the riders all day long, both in the special test and during the prize ceremony.

The task of kicking off the day was always on the Airoh Cross Test which, except for the many ruts, remained the same as Day 1. The Eleveit Enduro Test then sanctioned the second part of the event, while the 24MX Test dropped the curtain on the day. As for Saturday the scheduled laps were two, for a total of almost 208 km of off-road transfers.

As yesterday to triumph in the Overall class was the Czech Republic rider Krystof Kouble; the Czech was able to interpret perfectly all the unprecedented ruts that emerged in the tests, imposing himself on the UK racer Alex Walton. A fast Dietger Damiaens closed the overall podium. In the Youth class the games were resolved in favour of Luca Colorio; the young Italian triumphed today in front of Davide Mei and Pietro Scardina. The championship ended with the victory of Luca Colorio, who managed to impose himself on Romain Dagna, who had to fight against the pain for the broken hand. Davide Mei closed the championship podium. In the Junior 1 class Riccardo Fabris brought home the perfect season, collecting the eighth victory of the season. Second place for home riders Dawid Babicz as German Maximilian Wills closed the podium. The championship ends with the victory of Riccardo Fabris, followed by Dawid Babicz and Herman Ask in third place. As for the Junior 2 class to triumph was Matyas Chlum, who relegated Diego Haution to second place and new Junior 2 European champion Lucas Bergstroem to third place. The championship ranking is therefore composed as follows: Lucas Bergstroem, Matyas Chlum and Matej Skuta. Thanks to today’s excellent performance Chlum managed to get on the championship podium.

In the Enduro 1 class Alessandro Di Gregorio took home the first victory of the year, triumphing against home driver Aleksander Bracik and German Patrick Irmscher. The E1 champion title goes to Andreas Beier, the silver to Aleksander Bracik while Alessandro Di Gregorio closes the championship in third place. Overall winner Krystof Kouble also won in Enduro 2, ahead of new champion Alex Walton and Erik Willems. Walton had already won the championship yesterday and left Killian Irigoyen and Yann Dupic to fight for the remaining podium positions. Irigoyen finished second while Dupic third. In the Enduro 3 class Dietger Damiaens took the last available win by triumphing over the 2023 champion David Abgrall and the Hungarian Roland Liska. David Abgrall, Dietger Damiaens and Roberto Da Canal are the riders who make up the Championship Enduro 3 class podium. In the Senior class Maurizio Micheluz still won, thus scoring the perfect season. Second position for Nico Rambow and third for Andre Decker. These three names are also the one of the championship Standing for what concerns the Senior Class.

In the Women class it was Francesca Nocera who prevailed over rivals, winning in front of new European Champion Tanja Schlosser and Norwegian Vilde Marie Holt. The championship podium sees Tanja Schlosser triumph over Vilde Marie Holt and French Audrey Rossat. In the class reserved for Trade Teams, Diligenti Racing still triumphed, ahead of KTM Korona Novi and Norway Enduro. In the final championship standings, Diligenti Racing confirmed itself as European champion, followed by KTM Korona Novi and Norway Enduro. In the final championship standings, Diligent Racing confirms itself as European champion, followed by KTM Korona Novi and Sweden Enduro.

For what concerns the Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Elveit Enduro Test Trophy, Krystof Kouble won both of them but the final prizes went to David Abgrall and Alex Walton. Abgrall triumphed in the Airoh Cross Test and now he is the proud owner of a brand new Airoh helmet while Alex Walton won the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy and went home with a new pair of boots. 

As for the European Nations Championship in the National Trophy it is the Czech Republic of Matej Skuta, Matyas Chlum, Jarolasv Kalny and Krystof Kouble to triumph. They are the new European champions. Second position for France by Gabin Allemad, Killian Irigoyen, Yann Dupic and David Abgrall, and third for Italy by Davide Mei, Riccardo Pasquato, Maurizio Micheluz and Roberto Da Canal. In the Junior/Youth Trophy won the Italy of Luca Colorio, Pietro Scardina, Riccardo Fabris and Lorenzo Bernini, followed by France (Romain Dagna, Valentin Mersin, Quentin Clerc Tournier and Diego Haution) and Poland (Babicz Dawid, Kacper Baklarz and Krolikowski Karol).

In the Senior Trophy Poland triumphed thanks to the performances of Zych Tomasz, Krolikowski Waldemar and Roman Jacek. Second position for Germany, consisting of Nico Rambow and André Decker. In the Women Trophy the reigning champions are reconfirmed: Francesca Nocera, Aurora Pittaluga, Sara Traini and Sabrina Lazzarino won the Trophy. In the clubs it is the Czech Republic of Vasek Tomas, Filip Klabacka and Borak Marek who won.

This put an end to the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship; an electrifying season comes to its last chapter with a Round more than living up to expectations and which has given several twists and turns, especially on Sunday. Now it is time to think about the next upcoming awards ceremony in Brussels. See you in the paddo… in Brussels.

Results of the Day: 

Race Results day2 – Overall

Race Results day2 – classes

Race Results day2 – Trade Team

Race Results day2 – European of Nations sum

Race Results day2 – Airoh Cross Test

Race Results day2 – Eleveit Enduro Test




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