After the great success of the first round of the season held in Aviano, Italy, at the end of May, the 24mx MiniEnduro European Cup returns with its second exciting race. Hosting this unmissable race will be the town of Monteils, in France, on 13 and 14 July, thanks to the impeccable organization of the Motoclub des 2 Vallées.

There will be more than 70 talented riders who will compete on technical and exciting courses, demonstrating skill and passion for this discipline. Departure is set for 9.00 am on both days.

The first special stage to tackle will be the Cross Test, 1.5 km long. This test will begin on a grass field, offering riders a fast and linear first stretch. As we get closer to the finish line, the route will become more technical, with single tracks characterized by rocks, which will test the technical skills of the participants.

The second test will be the Enduro Test; the special will begin with a long fast stretch on a grass field. At the halfway point, the riders will tackle a technical single track inside a forest for about 2 minutes, before returning to another long fast section on a grass field and then crossing the finish line at the end of the special.

The entire race loop is 20 km long and is characterized by a series of climbs and descents, as well as rocky single tracks inside forests. The track includes a single time control (TC) located near the paddock.

We are certain that this loop will offer exciting challenges and test the skills of every participating rider.

Davide Cabass

But before seeing our little champions revving up the throttle on their little motorbikes, we have several important commitments on Friday. The training area will take place from 9 to 12, which will be divided into groups of 12 riders to minimize dust and ensure efficient and safe test sessions.

Afterwards, from 1pm to 6pm, preliminary inspections will be held according to the predefined timetable that you can find here.

The evening will then culminate with the presentation ceremony of the participating nations, which will take place in the paddock, podium area, from 6.30 pm. A moment of celebration and unity that will highlight the diversity and sporting spirit of the competition.


The MiniEnduro European Cup promises a weekend of adrenaline and entertainment, with riders ready to compete in trials that will test their skills and endurance. The Motoclub des 2 Vallées has prepared every detail to ensure a memorable event for both participants and spectators.


Don’t miss the chance to witness this exciting second stage of the 24mx MiniEnduro European Cup which celebrates sport and competition in a breathtaking natural environment. We look forward to seeing you in Monteils on 13 and 14 July!







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