Twin Air, a leading manufacturer of air-filters, supports Maxim in promoting the Enduro European Championship for 2022. In the year of its 50th anniversary, the Dutch company sponsors the continental enduro championship. Twin Air has been making the best air-filters on the market since 1972; this particular product has the task of preventing the entry of external agents into the vehicle engine, safeguarding its operation.


The intuition of creating a reusable filter decreed the success of the company; in fact, it is possible to wash it and use it multiple times, only after sprinkling it again with the specific oil. The expansion of the product range has introduced accessories on the market to guarantee greater protection of the most delicate parts of motorcycles; Products such as protective covers for filters, to guarantee greater protection from sand, dust and mud, and special sleeves to prevent accidental entry of external material into the radiators and tank, have enriched the brand’s offer. The high quality of the products offered has made Twin Air the undisputed leader in their production.


Thanks to the continuous search for innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies, which Twin Air has been carrying out for 50 years, it has consolidated itself in the market. In fact, there are numerous brands that rely on the professionalism of the company for the care and protection of its vehicles.


For 2022 Twin Air has agreed with Maxim its presence in the Enduro European Championship 2022, as sponsor of the championship. Only one goal binds Maxim and Twin Air: giving visibility to an event of international importance. The Dutch company is ready to take charge of the promotion of the championship by associating its image with that of the continental enduro championship. During the course of some rounds of the championship it will be possible to view and touch the products thanks to the presence of the brand within the commercial area of the paddock.



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