The European Enduro championship promotes eco-friendly mobility with a class reserved for electric bikes


During Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022’s 3rd Round (Sipoo, Finland 23-24 July), a new class will be introduced,  the one reserved for electric bikes. This new type of vehicle will arrive within the European Enduro championship and will be put to the test in the same special tests reserved for “traditional” vehicles. An amazing proving ground for these bikes which have made their appearance on the market years ago. Despite the absence of the traditional sound, they manage to give the same emotions as vehicles with the internal combustion engine.


How will the race be? All the participants who decide to challenge themselves in this new category will have two loops to better demonstrate their skills, one during the morning and one in the afternoon. Within these two sessions, the drivers will have to cover in the shortest time the special tests designed for the Enduro European Championship. The special test will be almost identical to the one that all the other riders will do. The contestants will ride through the Airoh Cross Test and the Eleveit Enduro test; they will face a different test per session, to better demonstrate the wide versatility of electric motorcycles. Both special tests will be timed from the first pass, unless otherwise indicated. Depending on the length of the sector, the number of laps will be determined to reach a maximum of 20-25 minutes per loop; Each session must be completed before the expiry of the time given which will be determined during the jury meeting just before the event. At the end of each loop, the drivers will be able to recharge their vehicles and make any repairs to their bikes. The riders will compete on both Saturday and Sunday and the best three drivers will be awarded during the prize ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The two days of competitions must be considered two separate days, so not ending one does not exclude taking part in the following day; in order to be in the standings, it will be enough to conclude at least one timed pass per session. The driver who has made the most number of laps in the shortest time will be crowned winner, in case two riders or more make the same number of laps the time used to make all the passes will be considered; the fastest will be the winner. If there are no contestants who have made the same number of laps, the first classified will be the one who has made the most passes. The special tests, as anticipated, will be almost identical to those faced by drivers belonging to the “traditional” classes, unless there is a need to make some changes. All vehicles must be previously verified by the race commissioners, as it is obvious that no sound control will be carried out to the vehicle and also they mustn’t be left into the Parc Fermé.


A brand-new and innovative formula aimed at promoting these particular vehicles that give a nod at sustainable mobility. This type of bike hasn’t found its competitive dimension within international off-road championships yet. FIM Europe is increasingly careful in respecting and safeguarding our planet and the promotion of this zero-emission category is concrete proof of what has just been written. More and more often historical championships guest vehicles powered by electric motors and the Borilli Enduro European Championship joins them thanks to the support of FIM Europe. The mission of the European Championship is to promote the champions of the future thus the promotion of what could be the enduro of the future is perfectly in line with the nature of this event. Stay with us for more details and consult the social pages and the official website of the event to stay up to date.


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