Second official day for the FIM Europe Congress inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

The day started with the “General Secretaries Leadership Path” FIM Workshop and a special meeting with the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu, who received a complimentary plate from the former FIM Europe President, Martin de Graaff, as a sign of gratitude for the hospitality in Romania. At this special meeting also the FIM President, Jorge Viegas, the Sport State Secretary at the Romanian Sport Ministry, Thomas-Razvan Moldovan, the new FIM Europe President, Michal Sikora, and the Romanian Federation President, Ioan Cristian Muresan, together with his Vice-President, Nicoleta Olariu, and Secretary General, Sabin Olariu.


From left: Sabin Olariu (Romanian Federation Secretary General), Michal Sikora (FIM Europe President), Martin de Graaff (former FIM Europe President), Thomas-Razvan Moldovan (Sport State Secretary at the Romanian Sport Ministry), Ioan Cristian Muresan (Romanian Federation President), Nicoleta Olariu (Romanian Federation Vice-President), Marcel Ciolacu (President of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania), Jorge Viegas (FIM President), Nicu Nita (Romanian Deputy), Alin Chitu (Secretary of State Ministry of Finance).


In the morning, the FIM Europe Management Council met in view of the General Assembly, which took place in the afternoon in the presence of the FIM President and the representatives of 39 National Federations.

Before the beginning, the floor to the President of the Ukrainian Federation, Vadym Kopylov, who expressed his gratitude for the support of FIM Europe and FIM in this tough period.

Following the welcome of the FRM President, the Sport State Secretary at the Romanian Sport Ministry and the FIM President, the 2022 FIM Europe Congress begun in earnest with the reports of the outgoing FIM Europe President, the Treasurer Juhani Halme and all the Internal Auditors. After the presentation of the 2021 balance sheet and the 2022 budget approval, the Chairman of the Sporting and Beyond Sporting Councils, Michal Sikora and Silvio Manicardi, presented their reports.

Therefore, long and loyal service awards were presented to the following National Federations:
• FMB – Fédération Motocycliste de Belgique – 110th anniversary
• SML – Suomen Moottoriliitto ry – 100th anniversary
• MUL – Motor-Union du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg – 100th anniversary
• FMU – Federation Motorcycling of Ukraine – 30th anniversary

A special awardee also to:
Nina Birjukova (LAMSF) – Honorary Vice President
Igor Eskinja (HMS) – Honorary Chairman Road Racing Commission
John Chatterton-Ross (ACU) – Honorary Member

In the second part of the General Assembly took place the official elections.
With a general acclamation of all the present Federations, Michal Sikora was elected as the new FIM Europe President.
Vice-Presidents: Jean Marc Desnues (FFM), Josè Ramon Garcia (RFME), Juhani Halme (SML), Manuel Marinheiro (FMP), Francesco Carmelo Mezzasalma (FMI), Nicoleta Olariu (FRM), Stijn Rentmeesters (FMB), Roy N. Wetterstad (NMF).
Internal Auditors: Laurent Delbroek (FMB), Vadym Kopylov (FMU), Tapio Nevala (SML).
Judicial Panel Members: Elvio Fortuna (FMI), Piotr Piekutowski (PZM).

Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President
“I’m really happy with result of today’s General Assembly. I congratulate to elected Vice-Presidents, auditors and judicial panel members. I would also like to thank Martin de Graaff for inspirations and great cooperation over last years”.

At the end of the Congress, some words about the next ones: 2023 in Saragoza, Spain, and 2025 in Malta, organised by RFME and AMFK.

Martin de Graaff
“Today the General Assembly started with the usual agenda points and the new FIM Europe President Michal Sikora has been elected by acclamation. All the best to him. I can look back to fantastic time in FIM Europe, where I met many friends. I trust in the new Management Council and for sure it will continue the current policy of FIM Europe”.


Tomorrow, the last day. The elected Management Council will appoint the new Commissions’ members and Medical Panel. In the meanwhile, will be held the Sporting and Beyond Sporting Commissions’ meetings (2018/2022 mandate).


Michal Sikora, as FIM Europe President, will represent the 44 European Motorcycling Federations. “I’m really looking forward for the future. There are a lot of challenges in front of us but with good team and faith we will succeed”.

The new FIM Europe Management Council:
From left: Francesco Carmelo Mezzasalma, Roy N. Wetterstad, Stijn Rentmeesters, Nicoleta Olariu, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora, Juhani Halme, Josè Ramon Garcia, Manuel Marinheiro, Jean Marc Desnues.


FIM Europe Press Office