The Borilli Enduro European Championship comes back with the first out of four 2023 Rounds. The Motocross Marketing Round #1, planned this weekend in Fabriano, is challenging the over 120 riders register to the inaugural round. Under Borilli’s singed, the current season seems to be exciting and appealing, both for the riders and for the public. Perfectly comfortable in organizing international events, the motoclub Artiglio got itself ready and has organized this first round up to the level of the championship. 

Inside the 60 km track the riders are facing three special tests which are giving us the name of the day’s winners, let’s have a look: the Airoh Cross Test is 6m long and it is on a huge counter slope grass field. The Eleveit Enduro Test, with its 7 km long, is challenging the riders’ strength; located inside a beautiful undergrowth in Attiggio. The 24MX Extreme Test is going to be fast and intense; precision and a cold mind are required to overcome the artificial obstacles placed on the track, in addition to that some uphill and downhill are adding some spice to the special test. Two are the time-check planned for this first Round, one in the paddock and the other in the more or less middle of the transfer. More information about the special tests, the track and time check will be given by the track inspector during the race briefing, that like the previous season will be published on friday night on our Facebook page ( ).

As in the previous season the Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy will declare the special tests’ best performer. Another Trophy will enrich the Motocross Marketing Round #1: the 24MX 50cc Trophy. This race inside the race is reserved to the riders riding the little but fast 50cc bikes. If for the Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy we have to wait for the last round to know the name of the overall winner for the 24MX 50cc Trophy we will discover it on Sunday night. 

Besides the race field’s challenge a new match is starting, the one of the Twin Air Best Shot: a challenge where riding style and instagranmability are the qualities required. On our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, the best Motocross Round #1, Eleveit Round #2, 24MX Round #3 e Airoh Round #4 shots will be published and at the end of the season the picture with more likes will be the Twin Air Best Shot.

Wind of change for Senior Class’ riders, which are now divided in two classes, the Senior 40 and the Senior 55. The European Champion will be decided according to the overall standings of Senior class, while the Senior 40 and Senior 55 leader will be the winner of the European Senior 40 cup and European Senior 55 Cup. Talking about changes and news, the prize giving ceremony won’t only be on Sunday but also on Saturday night. At the end of both days the best three riders of each class will be awarded; in this way Day 1 and Day 2 will be two very different days. 

Many changes and news are characterizing the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship, however the high technical level of both the riders and of the special tests, in addition to the passion of each organizer are unchanged. Before we start, a big thanks to all our sponsors that decided to keep supporting us: Borilli, Airoh, Carrera Luxvision, Eleveit, Fajon, Motocross Marketing, MXLINE, Progrip, Trafileria Mauri, Twin Air and 24MX.

You can find more information on our website ( on our social media pages: Instagram and Facebook! See you in the paddock!


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