The sun shone again on Santa Marta de Penaguiao the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship Round #2 Day 2. The Eleveit day 2 saw the riders again face each other within the three special tests designed for the event; the 24MX Extreme Test and the Airoh Cross Test remained unchanged while the Eleveit Enduro Test underwent changes to ensure riders’ safety. Ruts, roots and stones gave the riders a hard time, they had to adapt their riding style to the new set-up of the tests. 

Riccardo Fabris

Double for Matej Skuta, who even today turned out to be the overall best rider; also on this second day the Czechoslovak rider took home the best overall time. David Abgrall improved and finished second; a race in a comeback of his own, due to an opaque first lap. Third place overall for the young Romain Dagna; after yesterday’s victory in the Youth he managed to realise better and better times and to get on the Overall podium.

Matej Skuta: “I am very happy with my day. The tests were really difficult but in the end I managed to make excellent times and again win the first position of both class and scratch.

David Abgrall: “I started slowly and as a result I had to push really hard to make up for lost time but in the end I succeeded. I finished second overall and first in class and that makes me happy.

Romain Dagna: “My race went really well, I had a great feeling with the bike and also with the tests. I’m really very happy.”

David Abgrall

Romain Dagna won again in the Youth Class, after the first position on Saturday the Frenchman improved, interpreted the tests even better and won once again. Second position for the italian Luca Colorio, after giving a hard time to the Sherco di Dagna throughout the day, he gave way to the Frenchman and finished second. Davide Mei confirmed himself as the third best-in-class rider, getting on the podium again. In Junior 1 Riccardo Fabris took home the fourth victory in a row, so far Riccardo has left no space for anyone and finished again on the first step of the podium. Dawid Babicz and Nicolò Paolucci confirmed yesterday’s second and third positions. Second class success also for Matej Skuta in the Junior 2 class, the Czechoslovak once again put the wheels ahead of the Frenchman Diego Haution, who managed to keep the compatriot Quentin Tournier behind. Today Quentin finished on the third step of the podium.

Andreas Beier

Fourth victory in a row for Andrea Beier, the German scored another excellent performance which led him to finish again ahead of all Enduro 1 riders; second position for Aleksander Bracik while the podium of this second day was closed by Patrick Irmscher. Double success also for Alex Walton; the Englishman triumphed again in the E2 class by binding Yann Dupic in second position and Killian Irigoyen in third place. The second overall position allowed David Abgrall to take the number 2 victory in the E3 class; European champion Dietger Damiaens took second place while Roberto Da Canal closed the podium. A technical problem knocked out Gabriel Chetnicki, who was third. Fourth victory in a row also for Maurizio Micheluz, the European champion E1 class has won a new success that confirmed him at the top of the Senior Class. Nico Rambow finished second, André Decker confirmed the third class position. The Women class saw a fight at the last corner between Vilde Marie Holt and Tanja Schlosser, in the end to prevail was the Norwegian while Joana Gongalves finished third. In the Trade Team Class the reigning champion, as well as championship leader also in this 2023, Diligenti Racing (David Abgrall, Luca Colorio, Davide Mei and Maurizio Micheluz), won the day second step of the podium for Team KTM Novi Korona (Matej Skuta, Kalny Jaroslav and Aleksander Bracik). The Team Sweden Enduro (Lucas Bergstrom, Gustav Mahler and Franz Lofquist) closed the podium.

Maurizio Micheluz

The Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy saw Diego Haution topping again, the Frenchman managed to correctly read the track. In the Airoh Cross Test Trophy it was instead David Abgrall who recorded the best time, winning the day.

Thus ends the second Round of the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship, two tricky and dusty days that marked the end of the first half of the championship; now it is time to think about the 24MX Round #3 that will take place in Estonia on July 15 and 16. Keep following us on our social pages and on the official website of the championship to stay up to date on all the news.


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