Luxvision, Oakley and Ray-Ban dealer, is sponsoring the 2022 European Enduro Championship. Maxim and Luxvision have signed a commercial agreement that will see Luxvision promoting the 2022 European Enduro Championship.


Oakley, a Californian company, has been dealing with the production and sale of sunglasses and visors suitable for sports since 1975. The quality and variety of the type of lenses allows you to have glasses suitable for all occasions. Ray-Ban is one of the most famous eyewear manufacturers; his glasses are representative of eras and become icons. The quality of the products that both companies have in common has allowed their affirmation on the market. Both brands are synonymous with quality and style, their products have unique characteristics and this is the reason why millions of consumers choose them for the purchase for free time or  their passion.


This year, thanks to the collaboration between Luxvision and Maxim, the two brands are going to be present in the event for the promotion of the same. The presence of Luxvision and brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley underlines the high importance of the event.





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