Pietramontecorvino will host the first round of the Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022, the MOTOCROSS MARKETING ROUND 1#: From March 19th to March 20th the Apulian city will be pleased to open its doors to the prestigious Enduro European Championship. The famous Brazilian tire brand, Borilli, has become title sponsor of the event, giving with its presence further prestige and importance to a championship that for years has been one of the strong points of the discipline. For the first time Borilli will undertake to support the Enduro European Championship thanks to its presence. During the inaugural round, Borilli will be present with its race service available to all Borilli riders and those who will be happy to deepen their knowledge concerning the brand.


The new promoter of the championship, Maxim, has planned a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the discipline and the event. All of this is going to be possible thanks to the collaboration with the prestigious brands that have decided to promote the championship. For the first time within the Enduro European Championship, the Italian reality Maxim has prepared three special trophies that will enrich the schedule of the event and other initiatives that will develop during the championship; This could be enabled thanks to the presence of top quality brands that decided to support the event.


Juupaluoma Pyry


Motocross Marketing, in quality of main sponsor of the championship, has decided to name the inaugural round on his behalf, kicking off the MOTOCROSS MARKETING ROUND 1#. The Italian company that has been providing spare parts for the performance of motorcycle activity has joined Maxim in the promotion of the championship. On the occasion of the first round Motocross Marketing has prepared a special prize that will be awarded to the overall winner.


The prestigious Italian brand Airoh is promoting the championship as main sponsor of the event; we have numerous initiatives on behalf of Airoh that will take place within the championship. A prestigious trophy, the Airoh Cross Test Trophy, will see its inaugural round on this occasion. The trophy’s final winner will be the rider, who during the whole season will have made the best times within the Cross Tests. At the end of each Round, the author of the best time will be crowned winner of the special Airoh plaque. Being able to take home the first plate will put himself into an excellent position that could possibly allow him to win the trophy. If you want to find out who we’re talking about, keep following us!


Micheluz Maurizio


Another trophy at its first edition is the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy. In this special ranking the author of the best time within the Enduro Test will be awarded. At the end of each round that rider will receive a special Eleveit plaque. When the Enduro European championship will be over, the overall winner of the trophy will be crowned at the German round. It will be essential for the drivers who aspire to the final victory to collect the most points right away, therefore, the need to better interpret the Eleveit Enduro Test of Pietramontecorvino will be fundamental.


The first edition of the 24MX 50 CC Trophy will take place on this occasion; an innovative trophy aimed at promoting discipline among the youngest with the dual purpose of promoting this particular displacement and promoting the champions of tomorrow. The trophy stands as a stepping stone for those who will be the next protagonists of the discipline. This year it will take place on a single stage and Italy will be the nation that will have the  honour of hosting this event. At the end of the day we will find out who will be crowned winner of this first edition of the 24MX 50 CC Trophy.


In addition to the presence of these special rankings, we will find the traditional classes that have been marking the progress of the championship for years. For gallantry we start from Women to continue with the E1, E2 and E3, last but not least the categories reserved for young drivers: Youth, Junior 1 and Junior 2. This is an important change for the Enduro European Championship, in fact for the first time it sees the division of the main categories by capacity: the E1 class is reserved for displacements up to 250cc, regardless of being four or two-stroke; The E2 class is reserved for four stroke over 255cc up to 450cc while in the E3 class only two-stroke bikes over 255 and four-stroke bikes over 455cc are allowed. The structure of the categories changes but not the show that the riders belonging to the same class will reserve for their audience.


Kouble Krystof


The competition will take place on a route of about 50 km with three different special stages: Airoh Cross Test, the Eleveit Enduro Test and the 24MX Extreme Test. The event will take place in three laps. The registered drivers will have to show off their skills to impose themselves on their competitors in order to start their adventure in the continental championship in the best way. The route will be structured as follows: after the start the drivers will face the first special test of the day, the 24MX Extreme Test and then go to the Eleveit Enduro Test and finally conclude the first lap of three inside the Airoh Cross Test; at the end of the first lap as usual they will return to the paddock to carry out the assistance procedures for their vehicles and prepare to face the second lap. If you want more information refer to the official website: https://www.enduroeuropean.com/.


The event is ready to start thanks to the precious collaboration of all the brands that have decided to support the Enduro European Championship 2022, to which our deepest gratitude goes; Special thanks goes to Borilli, Airoh, 24mx , Eleveit,  Motocross Marketing, MXline, Progrip, Trafileria Mauri, Twin Air e Luxvision.



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