Yesterday, 14 March 2022, a meeting between the FIM Europe President, Mr Martin De Graaff, the Chairman of the Enduro & Rally Commission, Mr Robert Svensson, and the Enduro European Championship promoter Maxim, took place in Thiene, near Vicenza, at the representative offices of the Hon. Sergio Berlato, Italian Deputy in the European Parliament and member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Commission.

The FIM Europe President received the European flag as symbol of peace and friendship between people: a strong message with the aim of creating connection, fair play, friendship, respect and collaboration between people. This initiative is reinforced in a tough moment afflicted by the consequences of the Covid Pandemic and the serious crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

Mr Berlato focused not only to the Enduro European Championship: his attention went to all the needs of riders too, and important topic as road safety, environmental protection and motorcycle tourism. In the points, also the creation of Italian itineraries dedicated to motorcycles, with the aim of extending the project to the whole Europe.

Therefore, Hon. Berlato gave the availability to organize the official 2022 Enduro Champions prize giving ceremony at the European Parliament in Brussels.


Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“I had the occasion to visit Maxim’s headquarter with Robert Svensson prior to the first race of the European Championship in Pietramontecorvino, in the South of Italy. A meeting with the member of the European Parliament Mr. Sergio Berlato followed: it should actually take place in Brussels, however due to the Covid restrictions we decided to organize the visit to Italy. Hon. Berlato noticed the importance of the European competitions and friendship among sportsmen, as physical and mental health are fundamental aspects for a good future. Mr Tony Mori presented the 2022 activities: the main objective is the growth of the championship, that will become more attractive for many riders from national federations. The FIM Europe is happy and proud of this cooperation”.


Mr Sergio Berlato, Italian Deputy in the European Parliament

“The meeting marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the world of sport at international level and the EU Institutions. I’m proud, as Italy’s representative to the European Parliament, to be at the disposal of people who see sport as a school of life, an instrument of brotherhood and closeness, especially in light of the difficult times we are experiencing. We hope that this first meeting is only the beginning of a collaboration that will last over the years”


Mr Robert Svensson, Chairman Enduro & Rally Commission

“It was a very good meeting with Hon. Sergio Berlato. We had a great opportunity to present the FIM Europe, our sport, our championship and the plans for the future. Mr. Berlato was very interested and also well aware of our challenges for the future”.


Tony Mori, Maxim

“I’m very satisfied about this important meeting. I hope it’s only the beginning of a lasting relationship. The topics were many, but we have all the right skills to develop the various projects”.



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