The first session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions’ meetings took place yestarday, October 22nd, in Fiumicino (Rome). A great opportunity to meet and discuss face to face current topics and future plans after the last meetings in occasion of the Congress in Bucharest, held from Wednesday 29th June to Saturday 2nd July.
Almost all members were able to attend in person the meetings, of course the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the 1st Deputy President Manuel Marinheiro and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.


Michael Sikora, FIM Europe President
“We are just after first session of new sporting commission meetings. This time only three commissions met. Unfortunately, not all the members were able to arrive here in Fiumicino because of many flight cancelations. But again, thanks to technology we were able to connect via video and carry on meetings in almost full squad. We had a chance to summarize the season, talk about problems which arise during the year and discuss about future. All Commissions’ members received new FIM Europe apparel”.





Manuel Marinheiro, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“We started the Autumn Sporting Commissions meetings with Drag Racing, Enduro & Rally and Trial commissions. Productive meetings to decide the present and the future of this disciplines and motivate all the commissions members to continue their important work for our sport. In November we will continue with the other seven FIM Europe Sporting Commissions and I expect the same commitment from the respective members”. 






Enduro & Rally Commission
The commission had a good meeting. Maxim, promotor for the Enduro European Championship, was present, discussing many ways to improve the championship in the near future. We also talked about some new ideas like “Mini Enduro” on closed course for young riders (12-16 years) and also Hard Enduro. The commission also talked about TT Rally Baja, Cross Country and SuperEnduro.


Robert Svensson, Chairman Enduro & Rally Commission
“It was nice to meet the commission members and observers again and we had very good discussions. For next season it has been a little more work to find organisers because of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and falling economy, but now seems we found good solutions for our series in 2023. We looking forward to the new season”.


Trial Commission
The Commission took stock of the season and had the chance to discuss about rules changes for 2023 series. 

Magnus Liljeblad, Chairman Trial Commission
“As always, we had a good meeting with good contributions from all members, even if only 3 of us were present due to a big airport general strike. Even via Zoom we had the occasion to discuss a lot of proposals and one of them was to introduce double rounds at every event with all classes, which is good for the riders and the organisers for more starts in the events”.



Drag Racing Commission
A number of important issues have been dealt with. No many rules’ changes, but a lot of items came across the meeting that were caused by the Covid delay. In general, we are looking back at a satisfying season with four great events attracting huge numbers of spectators with a record number of 54.000 paying visitors in Hockenheim, Germany.


Job Heezen, Chairman Drag Racing Commission
“Long and busy meeting for the Drag Racing Commission, from 9 am to 8 pm, with a general overview on the 2022 season. Good results in terms of activities, races, participation and engagement. If we can continue to stay on these uphill conditions, we will see a promising new season coming to us in 2023, hopefully with the extension to 5 races in the championship”.


FIM Europe Press Office