Registrations for the Borilli European Enduro Championship are officially open from today, February 22nd, and we have lots of news about it, let’s go see them together!


The first big news of the season is related to enrollment in the whole championship! From this year there is the chance to be enrolled for all the races scheduled at once! Which are the benefits? Savings on the entry fee and no more thoughts throughout the year! In fact, you will be automatically enrolled in all rounds and you will no longer need to fill out the registration form for each individual event. You will only need to inform Maxim about any motorcycle and/or class changes, if they will be and also about your absence to a Round.


The registration form within the championship is available on the website in the registration section. The total fee, discounted by € 20 per event, is € 720.00 to be paid in full to Maxim to the bank account details present in the registration form. Everything must be sent by March 15th, 2023. Registrations or payments made after that date will be subject to a €50 penalty.


If a rider will be unable to complete the championship, it will be possible to transfer the annual registration to another rider. This transfer can be made only once.


Of course it will also be possible to register for individual events, proceeding with the filling out of the form available on the website in the registration section. From 2023 the entry fee will be paid directly to the promoter, who will transfer them to the race organiser. A new type of support that is certainly important for the organisers who from this year will be helped by Maxim in the management of the event in its most important and delicate aspect.


Registration forms are available right now on the official website and can already be filled. We also remind you that in order to take part in the event it is mandatory to own a regular annual FIM Europe or One Event licence but you don’t need it to  fill out the form.


More information on this can be found on the official website in the Rules section.


What are you waiting for? The Borilli Enduro European Championship awaits you!







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