MXLINE is working once again with Maxim in the Borilli Enduro European Championship. MXLINE creates personalized clothing for the world of two wheels, ranging from motorcycling to cycling for some time. They are able to customize every kind of apparel, covering the entire range of products necessary for carrying out sports. MXLINE has always allowed its customers to give space to their creativity without constraints, allowing them to create the perfect look for their sports season. Since 1978 the activity has implemented its production range, establishing important collaborations that have led itself to be one of the sponsors of the Enduro European Championship.

Alongside Maxim, MXLINE is promoting the European Enduro Championship also for the 2023 season. After last year’s success the two realities are promoting again the enduro continental championship: furthermore we will find MXLINE also by the 2023 Airoh Minienduro European Trophy’s side. The brand has decided to support the young riders in this new trophy. In June the little champions will be supported by MXLINE.  Gionni Fossati, track inspector, will be dressed entirely by MXLINE, who has created an on point look for the occasion. There is no situation that MXLINE cannot face.

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