In a pouring rain the Motocross Marketing Round #1 Day 2 kicked off. The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship lost a special test: the large amount of water that fell on Fabriano during the night forced the race management to cancel the transit in the Airoh Cross Test. Despite the mud and the tricky conditions of the transfer, the event ended without particular hitches thanks to the excellent organisation of the Motoclub Artiglio. Like yesterday the Eleveit Enduro Test opened the dances of the day, giving riders a more complex track than the previous day while the 24MX Extreme Test saw its “natural” part become the most difficult obstacle to face. Also today the riders had to do three laps and almost all of them finished it. 

The Overall saw Pietro Scardina, Luca Colorio and Lorenzo Macoritto battle for the first position. The three Italians competed for the overall victory until the last corner of the 24MX Extreme Test. In the end, Pietro Scardina prevailed, for a very few seconds. The young italian was able to read perfectly the Eleveit Enduro Test and then confirmed his success with the performance in the extreme test branded 24MX. Luca Colorio missed the overall victory for a blink of an eye, 20 hundredths of a second is the delay that made him rank second. Lorenzo Macoritto started slowly and a fall of too much relegated him to the third absolute position, preventing him from repeating the result of Day 1. The Overall victory allowed Pietro Scardina to also win his Youth class and also in this case the second position was the prerogative of Luca Colorio. The Frenchman Marin Dagna, on the other hand, closed third.

In the Junior 1 class Riccardo Fabris reconfirmed himself the best driver, a second victory obtained against the Norwegian Herman Ask and the Polish Dawid Babicz, second and third. The Junior 2 saw the reigning European Champion take the class victory, Lorenzo Bernini improved his time and relegated Lucas Bergstroem and Frenchman Quentin Clerc Tournier to second. In Enduro 1 Andreas Beier took home the second class win, Alessandro Di Gregorio gained the second place while Aleksander Bracik got the bronze medal. In E2 Killian Irigoyen took first place, behind Yann Dupic and Alex Walton; the Uk rider lost his first postion due to a penalty. Lorenzo Macoritto won his class again (E3), David Abgrall confirmed the second place of Day 1 while the reigning European champion appropriated the third.

Maurizio Micheluz is again the winner of the Senior 40 European Cup, again according to Nico Rambow as Riccardo Chiappa closes the podium. In the Senior 55 European Cup the winner was Danielius Zostautas while Andrea Ragni closed the podium. The hard-fought women’s class saw Vilde Marie Holt win, followed by German Tanja Schlosser and Joana Goncalves. In the ranking reserved for the Teams, Diligenti Racing (Maurizio Micheluz, David Abgrall, Luca Colorio, Jacopo Traini) collected the best overall time, relegating the Sweden Enduro Team (Gustav Mahler, Lucas Bergstroem, Sebastian Olsen and Franz Lofquist) to second place. KTM Novi Korona (Bracik Aleksander, Bracik Rafal and Maciej Wieckowski) closed the class podium.

The 24MX 50 cc Trophy saw its conclusion in today’s Round; held on a single stage saw its champion being crowned at the end of this Day 2. Yuri Lombardo managed to interpret the tracks better and won the day’s victory while Matteo Fersini took second place. Manuel Savi closed the podium. The winner of the 2023 edition is therefore Matteo Fersini! After retirement in the last edition, the young Matteo improved and triumphed. The Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy saw the young Pietro Scardina top again; the Italian and his Fantic 125 skilfully read the track placed in the Attiggio and confirmed their skill, widely demonstrated yesterday.

The curtain drops on the first round of the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship. The rainy Motocross Marketing Round #1 ended successfully and introduced the names of its main actors. The next appointment is in a month and Portugal will be hosting it. Will the Eleveit Round #2 have any surprises in store for us or confirm the championship standings? Keep following us on our Social Instagram and Facebook pages and on the official championship website. See you in the Paddock!







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