Erik Willems wins the overall standings at the MOTOCROSS MARKETING ROUND 1# with a gap of 0.41 seconds from direct pursuer Dan Mundell and 0.44 from third place Enrico Rinaldi


The Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022 finally started; on Saturday 19 March in the city of Pietramontecorvino (Italy) at 9 am the show began. 112 riders from 15 different nations fought over three laps of the race. Each lap included two special tests, the Eleveit Enduro Test located within the first time check, and the Airoh Cross Test at the end of the second time check.


A very difficult first sector, characterised by a strong presence of mud due to the snow that fell in the previous days. The dissolution of the same brought a large amount of water inside the track that made the passage of the pilots particularly complex. The Eleveit Enduro Test was also characterised by a large amount of mud and deep and insidious channels that put a strain on the competitors in the race. After Eleveit Enduro Test, the transfer was quite smooth and allowed the riders to catch their breath before facing the Airoh Cross Test. The webbing test was located on a field with different counter-slopes and was characterised by a soft and clayey bottom. Following last night’s rains, the race direction decided to cut a small piece of track inside the Airoh Cross Test because it was passing through a small stream, which swelled tonight.


Mundell Dan


Two diametrically opposite special stages that required the riders to show their versatility and ability to adapt to the different ground conditions present. It ranges from the mud and ready channels of the Eleveit Enduro Test to the soft and channelless terrain of the Airoh Cross Test. Mastery of driving and riding position were the keys to correctly interpret Eleveit Enduro Test while a cross-style guide turned out to be the most effective to achieve the best times within the Airoh Cross Test.


A battle for the first absolute position that saw Enrico Rinaldi (GTG Motogamma), Dan Mundell and Erick Willems get a hard time; a succession of leadership changes that have left everyone breathless. Enrico was much more effective and faster in the Eleveit Enduro Test while Erik showed off his motocross skills, scoring incredible times in the Airoh Cross Test. Dan Mundell, on the other hand, proved to be constant in all the tests, with each lap the times were getting better and better. A battle that saw paltry detachments, Erick Willems wins by only 0.41 cents over Dan Mundell, who in turn detaches Enrico Rinaldi by only 0.3 cents.


Enrico Rinaldi: “I’m not 100% satisfied with my race, in the Enduro Test I was very incisive and I managed to make good times but I lost the seconds gained within the Cross Test”.


Dan Mundell: “I had fun, I took my payback. Starting back I had to overcome many pilots. The track was really challenging. I’m really happy with the result brought home today”


Erick Willems: “I’m very happy with how I drove, I haven’t been practising enduro for long and I used everything I learned in the cross to impose myself on rivals. I arrived at the last special, aware that I could take the first position and I gave everything and I succeeded. I couldn’t have started the championship better”



Maurizio Micheluz dominated day 1 inside E1, he did not take home the victory in all the special stages but his results have always been constant and this allowed him to take home the final victory. A hard fight was fought between Micheluz and Federico Aresi (Sissi Racing), but the latter had to settle for second place. Polish Dawid Babicz finished on the podium of E1.


Erik Willems takes home a double victory at MOTOCROSS MARKETING day1, in addition to the overall victory, he obviously turned out to be the best rider of E2. Nicola Recchia (M.A.S.T Racing Team) gave battle to the Belgian driver; he managed to impose himself on the second lap at the Airoh Cross Test. Thomas Ellwood earned the third class position with today’s excellent performance.


Dan Mundell is the winner of the E3 class, his victory was the result of a long series of good times recorded throughout the day. The Airoh Cross Test is well interpreted by the Englishman who has always imposed his name on that of his rivals. French rider Abgrall David, riding Sherco, recorded excellent times in the Eleveit Enduro Test. Belgian driver Damiaens Dietger did everything he could to take home the victory but nothing could against his classmates. “Only” a third position arrived for him today.


Verzeroli Manuel


Junior 1 is the class dominated by the Italian Carlo Minot riding TM. With the exception of the first special stage where due to a delay of 2.48 seconds he finished third, Minot led to the paddock the victory in all the special stages. An absolute domain to which Simone Cristini (GTG Motogamma) had to submit. The gap is not much but still enough to relegate him to second position behind his compatriot. Killian Lunier (LM), Frenchman riding KTM, today was satisfied with the third class position but tomorrow is a brand new day!


Enrico Rinaldi (GTG Motogamma) will not have won the absolute but he won his class. Inside the J2 he imposed himself on everyone by detaching the second classified, Lorenzo Bernini by 1.43 seconds. Lorenzo in turn detached Czechoslovak pilot Zdenek Pitel by about a minute.


Alessandro Rizza could not have done better, he secured the victory of the Senior class with a time of 3 minutes shorter than that of his direct pursuer Arne Domeyer. The German driver on KTM led a great race but nothing could against the skill of the italina. Slovenian driver Martin Gottvald is in third place today.


The women in the championship defended their honour well by taking home excellent times, first of all the Englishman Nieve Holmes who with his Sherco won the category. France’s Marine Lemoine today took second place while the representative of the Czech Republic, Zuzana Novackova, concluded the MOTOCROSS MARKETING Round 1# in third place.


Manuel Verzeroli (Sissi Racing) and Daniele Delbono (GTG Motogamma) fought without the exception of blows that led the first to win the Youth class while the second to place himself in second position. Throughout day 1 the first positions were contested by the two italian guys that left everyone breathless. Clement Clauzier, a French driver, did not stand by and watch, on the contrary, he made the two blues hear the roar of his Fantic but in the end he finished third.

Clauzier Clement


The competitors in the race have not only fought for individual glory but also for that of their team, within the ranking reserved for them, Trade Team,  Motoclub Lago d’Iseo triumphed over everyone. Daniele Delbono, Simone Cristini, Enrico Rinaldi and Lorenzo Bernini set the best team time and detached Diligenti Racing by about a minute. Maurizio Micheluz, Giuliano Mancuso, Jacopo Traini and Dan Mundell fought to the end but they could not do anything against Lake Iseo. In third position, Sebino Motoclub composed, Edoardo Paganini, Nicola Recchia, Alessandro Rizza and Matteo Grigis.


The 24 MX 50 cc Trophy saw 5 riders at its start, of whom only two came to the end. The winner today turned out to be Niko Guastini riding a Beta while Luca Piersigilli finished the day in second place. Today’s difficult stage, especially given the nature of the Eleveit Enduro Test.


The beautiful Airoh Cross Test saw Nicola Recchia (M.A.S.T. Racing Team) as its best performer, the Italian rider is currently at the top of the special standings, will he be able to repeat the result tomorrow and defend the title?


The Eleveit Enduro Test put the riders in a lot of difficulty; its technical peculiarities required great skill to be able to better interpret it. Enrico Rinaldi (GTG Motogamma) was able to squeeze his bike to the maximum on the track. Will the Italian rider be able to hold the leadership of the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy?


MOTOCROSS MARKETING 1# day1 is officially over, with the tire change and the return of the bikes to the closed park, the closing of the first day of the Borilli Enduro European Championship race was sanctioned. Today’s day will be repeated with some small changes even on day 2.


Tomorrow the leaders of the general classification of the Borilli Enduro European Championship 2022 will be decreed, stay with us to find out what their names are.


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Photos: Robert Pairan


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